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Why service your used car at Besant Motors?

Why service your used car at Besant Motors?

Automobiles offer a type of freedom--the ability of drivers to get to wherever they need to go. However, they also require a lot of responsibility besides the weekly task of filling up the gas tank. Whether it is routine maintenance or a significant repair, every vehicle will need to visit a car service centre once in a while.


With so many mechanics and car service centres located in small towns and big cities across Canada, drivers might think they are all alike. However, that could not be further from the truth. The Service Department at Basant Motors will keep your car running smoothly and protect it against future mechanical issues.


Why You Should Service Your Car at Basant Motors Service Centre



Located in Surrey, BC, the Service Department at Basant Motors can assist drivers in everything from a quick oil change to a full transmission replacement. Staffed by fully qualified and certified technicians, Basant Motors will keep your vehicle e running its very best.


Services offered by Basant Motors' car service centre include, but are not limited to:


• Brake Adjustment
• Air Conditioning Repair
• Tire Balancing
• Coolant Flush
• Engine Tune-Up
• Front-End Alignment
• Oil Change
• Wash, Wax, and Interior Clean


While local mechanics and service centres might offer the same services, they do not offer the same caliber of personnel. All staff at Basant Motors are fully trained and experienced to work on different types of vehicles from many manufacturers.


Quality, Certified Technicians


Basant Motors is a safe choice when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. Expert mechanics are specifically trained to know the inner working of your vehicle and what it takes to keep it running the way it was intended to run.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts


One of the most significant reasons to choose Basant Motors as your car service centre of choice is the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in every repair that they complete. From oil filters to brake pads, spark plugs to transmission fluid, Basant Motors ensures that the replacement partsyou're your vehicle are the same ones with which it was built.


OEM parts offer significant quality improvements over aftermarket parts. While aftermarket parts save on the initial cost, OEM parts are guaranteed to last, offering a warranty if they fail within a specific time frame.


Why Basant Motors is the Best Place for Service


A dealership with over three decades of service has proven its dedication to the local community and to the vehicles it services. Established in 1991, Basant Motors is a family owned and operated dealership that offers a state-of-the-art car service centre in Surrey to meet every automotive need.


Whether it is routine maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation or something significant like a transmission replacement or engine tune-up, Basant Motors' dedicated staff and high-quality parts will ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in better-than-new condition. Do not take the chance on a lower-priced and less-experienced service centre, use the Service Department at Basant Motors.

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