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Why Buy a Used Tesla?

Why Buy a Used Tesla?

Tesla cars are the standard-bearer for the electric future of driving, but brand-new models come at a hefty sticker price. However, buying a used Tesla offers many of the benefits at a much more accessible cost. Here are five reasons why a used Tesla makes an excellent choice.


1) Market-Leading EV Technology


Although EV is slowly becoming mainstream, Tesla remain at the forefront of the technological advances. If you want to enjoy the latest that the EV world has to offer, even a used Tesla will be ahead of most of the competition.


2) Reliable Cars That Are Built to Last


With Tesla's strong focus on environmental issues, their cars are built to last rather than being fit for the breaker's yard after only a few years. The company's engineering is solid, and you can expect years of trouble-free driving.


What's more, as with electric vehicle (EV) technology in general, the lower number of moving parts means Tesla cars are highly reliable. Tesla's ambition is to create a car that can drive a million miles, and the underlying mechanics are well on track to achieve this goal.


3) Stunning Performance


But electric features aside, a Tesla is a thrilling car to drive. Its instant torque provides heart-stoppingly quick acceleration, while horsepowers can reach an astonishing 762hp. If you want a car that's insanely fun to drive, electric or not, a used Tesla is an enticing option.


4) Impressive Interior Tech Levels


Tesla's innovative technology isn't confined to under the hood. Climb into the cabin and you'll be met with an interior that's way more advanced than almost anything you'll see elsewhere. The 17" touchscreen found in most models gives huge amounts of useful information about the car's status and performance, while Tesla's active driver-assist systems are among the best there are.


5) Buy an Advanced EV with Great Affordability


There's no doubt about it, Tesla cars occupy the higher end of the price range. But with a used Tesla you can enjoy most of the benefits of the latest tech but at a hugely discounted price. What's more, with electric vehicle technology improving so rapidly, the prices of even just slightly older models fall fast.


Find Your Perfect Used Tesla in Surrey


At Basant Motors you can get behind the wheel of a used Tesla for less. Visit our Surrey location to browse our Tesla range, and find an affordable way to join driving's cutting edge.

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