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When to Replace Your Tires?

When to Replace Your Tires?

The importance of driving on good-quality tires can't be overstated. Old and worn tires not only seriously affect handling and safety, but they also reduce your car's efficiency and put its mechanical parts under greater stress.


But how can you tell when to replace your tires? Here are five tell-tale signs to watch out for.


1) Tread Depth



The minimum tread depth under Canadian law is 1.6mm, but for safety's sake, it's best not to push too close to that figure. There's a simple trick to check how close to this legal bare minimum the tires are getting. Take a nickel and insert it into the tread, with the Queen's head pointing straight downward. If you can see the top of the crown above the tread line, it's time to replace the tires.


2) Tire Age



Even tires that have seen little use will degrade over time. Depending on the brand of tire, it should be replaced after every five to six years, regardless of its apparent condition. Every tire has its date of manufacture stamped onto the side, so use this to find out how close to retirement your tires are getting.


3) Bulging or Blistering


Any unusual bumps, bulges, or blisters on the tire's rubber need to be investigated quickly, with either a repair or replacement usually required. It's only a matter of time before a bulge turns into a blowout, with all the dangers that are involved.


4) Unusual Vibration



Vibrations coming from the wheels while driving can be caused by many things, but one problem could be when the inner parts of the tire shift out of alignment. A clear sign of this happening is a slow, lumpy bumping at low speeds which turns into a fast vibration as you speed up. An auto mechanic can check for this problem quickly and easily, and replace the tires if needed.


5) Weathering


Lastly, all tires will gradually erode as they're subjected to the elements, particularly in harsher wet and cold conditions. Fine cracks can appear, often on the sides of the tire rather than on the road-hugging surface. Over time, these cracks can turn into splits, with a serious risk of damage or injury.


If you suspect any problems with your tires, call our service department to arrange an inspection. We'll check every aspect of your tire set and do any repairs or replacements needed to keep you safely on the road.

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