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Used Wagon for Sale in Surrey, BC

In recent years SUVs and hatchbacks have primarily dominated the niche previously filled by the wagon in the car market. This is a great pity as there are many reasons why a wagon still offers excellent value for money.

Wagons offer an outstanding balance of performance, ergonomics, practicality, efficiency, and frugality.

Here are five excellent reasons to consider buying a used wagon from Basant Motors.

Reason #1: Practicality

Wagons are very versatile vehicles with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. The ample cargo space will swallow a huge load, and an entire wardrobe will slide in effortlessly when the rear seats are lowered. The rear sill is low, so lifting cargo into the back is easy. Also, wagons often offer a rear-facing jump seat for carrying extra passengers in a pinch.

Reason #2: Style

Wagons have a style all of their own. These elegant vehicles have a low centre of gravity, making them ace handling vehicles. They’ll whip around corners far better than their unwieldy SUV cousins, and many wagons have scorching performance. Wagons combine cargo carrying capacity without compromising on their performance for an exciting drive.

Reason #3: Fuel Economy

As we’ve said, your wagon will provide great versatility without compromising performance. Because of its sleek, low styling, there’s no danger of your wallet wincing at the gas pump.

Most wagons have fuel economy figures comparable to sedans or hatchbacks, so you’ll likely find a wagon with fuel figures between 8.0L/100km and 10L/100km. With their better aerodynamics and lower weight, they have better fuel consumption than most SUVs.

Reason #4: Comfort

Wagons share all the same comforts as their sedan counterparts. You’ll get the same comfy seats, excellent leg room, technology, and trim, in addition to outstanding performance and carrying capability. You’ll not have to compromise on any of the comforts and luxuries you’d expect in a comparable sedan or hatchback.

Reason #5: Finance

Buying a pre-owned wagon from Basant makes great economic sense as you’ll get a whole lot for your car for a lot less than what you’d pay for a comparable SUV.

With the same performance as sedans and practicality as hatchbacks but more convenience than an SUV, they’re worth their sticker price and more.

Final Thoughts

Wagons make great cars for anyone. They’re sleek, stylish, fuel-efficient, and practical. Perhaps they won’t ford a river or take on the wilderness, but they’ll get you around town and on holiday efficiently and frugally.

If you’re looking for a used wagon for Sale in Surrey, BC, look no further than Basant Motors. We have several vehicles for you to consider, and our experienced team would love to take you through them and arrange a test drive.