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Used Ram for Sale in Surrey, BC

Ram's lineup of trucks includes light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and a complete range of capabilities. The trucks are available in various bed sizes and body types, suitable for both solo drivers and full work teams. Even so, not everyone can afford to buy a completely new truck. To avoid this potential obstacle, you should consider purchasing a used truck in Surrey, BC.

The used Ram for sale in Surrey are capable of providing all of the modern conveniences and features of new models.

Ram Certified Used Vehicles

Buyers of used vehicles always want to feel confident about securing a durable piece of machinery, which is especially important when you buy hard-working trucks. The trucks are thoroughly inspected for condition and kilometre count within a certain limit. They are then subjected to an extensive 125-point inspection concentrating on the vehicle's body and mechanical components. Once it is cleared, it will be certified, though some maintenance may still be required so that the truck looks as new as possible.

Our experts have compiled the following list of important details about used Ram for sale in Surrey:


Towing capacity is on our list of priorities. The exact number will depend on the production year, the body style, the trim, and the engine, But to help you make an informed decision, we can give you some ballpark stats. The towing ranges for used Ram 1500 trucks typically range between 5,000 and 12,750 pounds. Finally, the Ram 3500 is capable of hauling approximately 37,000 pounds. Finding the truck with the highest towing capacity might take some searching, but no matter which truck you select, you will get a powerful and capable one.


Ram trucks are very comfortable to ride in, which is one of the reasons people prefer them to competitors. This is partly due to the coil springs on the rear suspension, a class-exclusive feature. Some used Ram trucks models also come with self-levelling air suspension and drive more like sedans due to these advanced suspension systems. Other used Ram trucks models use leaf-spring suspensions which are a lot more difficult to drive.


The used trucks in Surrey, BC, come in a range of bed sizes and body types, so solo drivers or full-time workers can use them. Certified used Ram for sale in Surrey obtain clearance by being evaluated thoroughly for quality and undergo several inspections. It is possible that certain advanced technologies are not available on all trim levels but many people prefer Ram trucks because they are very comfortable to ride in.