Used Nissan Rogue - Now in Surrey

The pre-owned market for compact crossover SUVs is a competitive one, with plenty of great models available at attractive prices. However, one of the best choices a buyer can make in this niche is to buy a used Nissan Rogue, and here are just some of the reasons why.

Family SUV with Great Performance

For a compact SUV, the Nissan Rogue packs plenty of power under the hood. More recent used Rogue models boast engines including a 2.5L, 4-cylinder, 16-valve gas design making a healthy 170 horsepower. Combine this output with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive, and you've got a family SUV with plenty in reserve for both city streets and highways alike. But if you're looking for a Nissan that can handle even the most treacherous of winter weather, used Rogue models featuring all-wheel drive are available which use advanced traction control technology to give you more confidence and control in difficult conditions.

Great Fuel Economy

Low fuel consumption is important in the family compact SUV market, and the Rogue is one of the leading players. Although the details vary from year to year, with the most recent releases you can expect to enjoy figures of 7.1L / 100km on the highway, and 9.1L / 100km in the city. And if you're looking for even better fuel economy, the first hybrid versions of the Rogue are now starting to filter through into the used market, offering figures among the best in the segment.

Wide Choice Available

The Rogue is Nissan's best-selling model in North America, and this means there are plenty of used models available, often at bargain prices. Whichever selection of features you're looking for, the high number of sales over the years means you're sure to land a Rogue with everything you're looking for.

Proven Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important factors in choosing a used car, and with the Nissan Rogue you won't be left looking at frequent breakdowns and pricey repair bills. In impartial tests, the Nissan Rogue has a better reliability rating even than noted Japanese rivals like the Toyota RAV4.

Find a Great Used Nissan Rogue for Sale in Surrey

Ready to see more? Visit our Surrey dealership to browse our range of used Nissan Rogue models, all for sale at unbeatable prices with quality guaranteed. Whether you're looking for a low-cost drive from the second generation or a near-new SUV with all the latest features, there's a used Rogue in Surrey to fit.