Used Nissan Pathfinder Available in Surrey

The Nissan Pathfinder is one of the latest victims of the SUV takeover, dropped by the company as they shift focus away from minivans and toward the sportier end of the sports-utility spectrum. But the model is still a great family vehicle, and luckily there are plenty of examples available on the used market. If you're looking to carry a larger family in comfort and style, here are five reasons why a pre-owned Nissan Pathfinder makes a great choice.

1) Power Under the Hood

All recent versions of the Pathfinder include a muscular V6 engine, pumping out 284 horsepower in the newer models or 260hp in earlier ones. When coupled with Nissan's Xtronic CVT transmission, the result is a powerful ride that combines effortless acceleration with surprisingly good fuel economy. If you want a large, confident family hauler that won't let you down, the Pathfinder is hard to beat.

2) Great Towing Capability

The Pathfinder is blessed with plenty of cargo space, but if you need to haul a little extra then you can pull a trailer weight behind of up to 2,722kg. This capacity is way above most other SUVs, and greatly increases the versatility of the vehicle.

3) Great Handling in Tough Conditions

While the Pathfinder isn't designed as an off-road demon, it features several technologies that improve handling on slippery surfaces or in other difficult conditions. A four-wheel drive locking function works to improve traction, while a hill descent control makes steep gradients safe and predictable to traverse. And lastly, the generous seven inches of ground clearance means venturing away from the pavement is a realistic option, even if full off-road adventuring is perhaps unwise.

4) Advanced Technology

All recent years of the Nissan Pathfinder are fitted with a user-friendly touchscreen running the NissanConnect software. Although the system doesn't provide some of the more modern facilities such as smartphone integration, it's an excellently responsive and easy-to-learn interface for controlling the passenger cabin's most important functions.

5) Affordability

As a discontinued model, prices of used Pathfinders can be extremely attractive. If you want to enjoy advanced features like blind spot monitoring and smart cruise control without paying a fortune, then a pre-owned Pathfinder from recent model years can offer an excellent bargain.

Find a Used Nissan Pathfinder in Surrey

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