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Used Mercedes Benz For Sale In Surrey, BC

Mercedes Benz is one of the oldest and most popular vehicle brands today. The exciting Mercedes Benz Coupe models are known for their excellent performance and reliability. They are luxurious and fitted with all the latest technology and safety features. Beautifully engineered designs make Mercedes Benz the dream car to buy for many people. Are you looking for a used Mercedes Benz for sale in Surrey, BC, and the surrounding area?

How To Find Used Mercedes Benz For Sale in Surrey, BC

Are you living in Surrey, BC, and in the market for a good quality used Mercedes Benz Coupe? Stop wasting your precious time searching online. Basant Motors is a trusted dealership to find used Mercedes for sale in Surrey, BC. Basant Motors dealership in Surrey has been selling used Mercedes to happy customers since 1991. You can walk into their showroom, knowing with confidence that they will have the Mercedes you are looking for at the right price.

Which Second Hand Mercedes Models can You Buy?

Mercedes Benz names their brands to make them easily distinguishable. One look at the name on the back of the vehicle will tell you what it is. Their sedans always start with an A-class. Mercedes Benz C class means that it is a two-door Coupe, and CL-class means it is a four-door coupe. Their convertible roadster vehicles are named with a SL for their bigger four-seater and SLC for the two-seater Kompressor.

The Kompressor used to be the SLK model, but Mercedez changed it to the SLC 2017. Their SUV range starts with the GLA for the compact SUV, GLB for four-wheel enthusiasts, GLC, which is medium-sized and more luxurious, The very luxurious GLS and top of the SUV’s is the G-class, also known as the Galandowagen. There are subclasses for different engines, accessories, and luxury within the classes.

Visit A Mercedes Dealership

Basant Motors dealership has been operated by the same family for the past 20 years. They have the biggest selection of second-hand Mercedes Benz cars in British Columbia. Every vehicle is certified and safety inspected. They offer all the Mercedes models. Basant Motors is wheelchair-friendly. Their friendly staff will assist you in deciding which Mercedes Benz model. Basant Motors dealership has a financing and car lease department that will help you finance the Mercedes of your choice.

Request A Test Drive

Just pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of the friendly salespeople to show you their amazing selection of used Mercedes. You can also contact them online, and one of their friendly staff will phone you back. So why wait? Go down to Basant Motors, a used Mercedes Benz dealership, today and ask to test drive the car of your dreams.