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Used Mazda 3 in Surrey, BC

Used Mazda 3 in Surrey, BC

  • Power glass moonroof with interior sunshade
  • Steering-wheel mounted controls including Bluetooth and Audio System
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with automatic headlight levelling
  • Dual Sport Exhaust system
  • Advanced Keyless Entry System

The newly designed Mazda 3 is so revolutionary that it might as well have been redesigned twice. With better features, fuel economy, and maximizing on the attractive look of Mazda's signature look, the Mazda 3 is a car for the future -- one to invest in. Whether new or used, the Mazda 3 has so much going for it that it doesn't really matter. Just put your trust into one and you'll see the difference each year's improvement makes.

Blue Mazda 3 Vancouver

SKYACTIV Technology

For the redesigned Mazda 3, SKYACTIV technology does not stop at the engine. Every piece of the vehicle was made with the belief that it should operate seamlessly as one cohesive unit.

Starting at the engine, the Mazda 3 has a fuel efficiency that rivals that of a hybrid vehicle, offering an estimated 4.7L/100km on the highway. Further, even the chassis of the Mazda 3 is composed of an ultra-high tensile steel that does not weigh down the vehicle, but is sturdier and tougher to keep you safe.

Active Driving Display

Being connected is important, but staying connected to your car's condition is even more so. With the redesign, the Mazda 3 has added an Active Driving Display. This display showcases driving information such as speed, navigation, safety alerts and cruise control on a thin display right above your gauge cluster.

One of the reasons it is such an attractive addition is that it stays true to its Active Driving namesake, in that it does not distract or detract your attention on the road ahead.

Lane Departure Warning System

Knowing your exact position, the Lane Departure Warning System will issue an alert if you drift into the next lane without signalling. With a camera located in front of the rear view mirror, another set of eyes will always be facing forward to help you keep an eye on your positioning on the road.

Red Mazda 3 Vancouver

High Beam Control

Another one of the Mazda 3's intuitive features is the newly available High Beam Control. This comprehensive feature allows for the high beams to be utilized as effectively as possible without interfering with drivers around you.

The system is able to sense when oncoming drivers are headed in your direction or you are fast approaching a vehicle in front of you. After this detection process, the low beams are automatically turned on and the high beams are disabled.

Basant Motors

With over 20 years of experience, Basant Motors knows a thing or two about cars. In fact, as one of the premier dealerships in the Lower Mainland, Basant Motors has learned almost everything there is to know about finding someone the perfect vehicle. Basant Motors has long preached a top-notch customer service experience and leading maintenance work so that even if your vehicle needs repairs, it is done in a timely and responsible way to give you peace of mind. At its current location of 16315 Fraser Highway, Surrey, we offer a state-of-the-art showroom that we would love for you to experience.