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Used Lexus for Sale in Surrey, BC

Used Lexus for sale in Surrey, BC

Used Lexus for sale in Surrey, BC

Get your Used Lexus at Basant Motors!

  • Japanese luxury vehicles introduced in 1989
  • Available in sedan, coupé, convertible, and SUV models
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Also available - F-models
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Why Choose Lexus?

As with so many Japanese manufacturers, Lexus vehicles have earned a reputation for reliability. Unlike many of the others, however, Lexus does a fantastic job of forwarding the design language while addressing the luxury amenities that transform their vehicles from simply award-winning to unforgettable.

Launching in North America back in 1989, the Lexus brand has increased its global footprint as foreign markets recognize the enthusiastic looks and welcoming interiors that are perfectly matched by engineering decisions that work, and then some. Fans of the Lexus nameplate have often been drawn to the advanced F Models, a series that takes the already well-equipped Lexus lineup and elevates them even farther.

The Lexus IS comes in standard and C models. An innovative sedan by name, and with 204 horsepower, you can be sure you’ll be getting where you want with the style and the comfort highlights you were anticipating on a Lexus this year. Continuing, we find the RC model and RC F, coupes with the performance and the appearance to impress drivers coming from any and all backgrounds. There's just something about driving a Lexus that makes life better.

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