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Used Lexus for sale in Surrey, BC

Used Lexus for sale in Surrey, BC

If you still want to purchase an affordable quality car but don’t have the budget to purchase a new vehicle out of the box, it may be a brilliant idea to purchase a used Lexus for sale in Surrey, BC. Our pre-owned vehicles are luxurious, hold resale value, safe, and dependable without the big price tag of a new Lexus. 


At Basant Motors, you’ll find a high-quality pre-owned car at a very affordable price. Continue reading as we guide you on why it’s a great choice to buy a pre-owned Lexus from our certified dealership!


All Vehicles Are Certified and Quality Guaranteed



We guarantee that our certified vehicles won’t give you any nasty surprises like hidden problems. We give all our pre-owned Lexus’ a comprehensive 161-point check. All defective parts have been replaced with certified parts. Our pre-owned models are certified and quality guaranteed. 


We’re so confident in the quality of our vehicles that we’ll give you a no-nonsense warranty should anything go wrong with the car. You’ve got an added layer of protection and peace of mind when you drive off in your high-quality pre-owned Lexus.


Full Vehicle History



You’ll have access to all of the car’s maintenance records, change of ownership details, history of accidents, and major or minor repairs information. We pride ourselves on transparency. We want you to make the most informed choice when buying a used Lexus from our dealership. You can rest assured that the information you receive from us is accurate and true.


Depreciation and Affordability



All our pre-owned have gone through significant depreciation. You’ll be able to get more Lexus value for your money. You won’t have to break the bank to get the vehicle of your choice. You can get the best tech, safety features, and creature comforts. A top trim pre-owned luxury Lexus costs a lot less than a top-of-the-line new Lexus.


Your used Lexus will also hold its value a lot longer due to the depreciation levels it has already gone through. Your pre-owned luxury car will still depreciate, but not near as much as when you buy a new vehicle and drive it off the showroom floor.


Financing Assistance



We have used Lexus for sale, which has the most affordable payment plans. Our professional financial consultants will tailor the perfect payment plan to suit your budget and lifestyle. 


Best Maintenance and Service


Once you purchase a pre-owned Lexus from us, you’ll become part of our family. You can bring your luxury car to us for top services and maintenance at our used cars service centre. Buying and servicing your car with us gives you the added advantage that we know your vehicle’s full history, and we’ll be able to give it the best service.


Take the Next Steps


When you buy a used luxury Lexus from our used cars dealership, you can get the car of your dreams at a fraction of the price. Contact Basant Motors now and drive away in your pre-owned stylish Lexus today!


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