Used Kia Forte - Available in Surrey

Kia is perhaps best known for their impressive range of family SUVs, but their all-time best-selling vehicle comes in a more traditional sedan or hatchback package in the form of the Forte. First released in 2008, it's been a consistently popular vehicle in Canada, right through to the current third generation model launched in 2019. And while buyers of a new Forte won't be disappointed in their purchase, you don't need to pay the full factory price to enjoy this great vehicle. Buying a used Kia Forte in Surrey will get you plenty of top-quality car for relatively little money, and here are the main highlights you can expect.

Plenty of Engine Choices

However much power you want from a car, there's a used Forte available to deliver it. Newer models offer the choice between a 2.0L I-4 engine making 147 horsepower or a 1.6L turbo which pushes the output up to an impressive 201 hp. Older models are available with smaller engines, such as a 1.6L I-4 with an economical output of 126 hp, ideal for daily city driving and shorter highway distances. There are also diesel choices in most model years, along with a range of transmissions including a six-speed manual, a six-speed automatic, and a seven speed CVT.

Great Fuel Economy

The Forte's compact form means it boasts some great fuel economy figures. As an example, the models from 2017 onward with the 2.0L engine and automatic transmission boast highway ratings as low as 5.7L / 100km.

Packed with Standard Features

Even the entry-level Kia Forte models are packed with features, offering more standard items than other cars at a higher price. The newest models feature both an 8" infotainment display and a colour digital instrument cluster, and while previous models might have a slightly smaller 7" display, they're still on a par with many of today's brand-new competitors.

Plenty of Options Packages

Kia have also made many options packages available over the years of the Forte's production, adding extras such as LED headlights, blind spot monitoring, premium navigation, and much more. When you're browsing our used Forte inventory you can pick and choose which packages you want to consider, without paying the extra for features you don't need.

Affordable Pricing

Even with all the features included, the Forte has a highly affordable starting price straight off the production line. And of course, when new models are so reasonably priced that filters through into some extremely attractive deals on used Forte models too.

Classic Sedan or Hatchback Style

It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy any car that's not based on the SUV format, but the Forte continues to buck the trend with its choice of classic sedan or hatchback profiles. If you want something a little different in a used car, the Forte is a breath of fresh air.

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