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Used Kia for sale in Surrey, BC

Used Kia for sale in Surrey, BC

With so many automobile manufacturers and vehicle types available today, it is often hard to decide which one is the right choice. Fuel type, passenger seating, cargo size, towing capability, and more are all considerations for drivers looking to buy their next vehicle. Basant Motors can help you answer those questions easily with its expansive used Kia inventory.


Used Car Advantages - Savings


There are many advantages to buying a used car, and they all save drivers money. Used vehicles are substantially cheaper than brand-new cars because they have already taken a significant depreciation hit by the original buyer. New cars lose 10-20 percent of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot, meaning thousands of dollars are lost by putting a few kilometres on the odometer. Someone else has already taken that monetary hit by the time the second owner comes along.


Used Car Advantages - Choice


Drivers have so many more options when choosing a used vehicle over a brand-new one. First, drivers can widen their search to models and manufacturers that were out of budget at new car prices. Second, drivers can also opt for more technology features that were also out of their price range when added to the cost of a new vehicle.


Used Kia Inventory at Basant Motors


Basant Motors offers a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers and models at its dealership in Surrey, BC. For over 30 years, the dealership has provided service to the community along with several hundred used vehicles in stock at any given moment.


Kia offers some of the most popular models to drivers, and used Kias for sale at Basant Motors offer great deals to buyers. Drivers can find anything from a compact Kia Rio to a funky Kia Soul SUV to a spacious Kia Sedona minivan.


Drivers wanting seating for up to eight passengers should opt for a late-model Kia Sedona, which offers a plush cabin environment, configurable seating, and plenty of space for passengers and cargo alike. For others who want a sportier and more fuel-efficient ride, the Kia Forte is a fun and sporty car on a budget. This nimble, gas-sipping sedan has a low cost of ownership and high reliability rating.


A Model, Year, and Price for Every Buyer


Basant Motors does not limit its inventory to just late-model vehicles to earn the most money. Instead, they offer a wide variety of models and model years from which buyers can choose. Whether drivers want something almost new, like a 2020 model, or something that will be significantly cheaper, like a 2015 model with more kilometres on it, there is something for everyone in the used Kia inventory at Basant Motors.


Buying a Used Kia at Basant Motors


Buying a new-to-you car can be stressful, but Basant Motors offers both the inventory and the staff to make the process as smooth as possible. In a low-pressure, no-stress environment, you can peruse a large inventory of used vehicles to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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