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Used Hatchback for Sale in Surrey, BC

Cars mean different things to different people. For some folk, it's simply a means of getting from one place to another. While for others, it's a status symbol and a mark of growth or social standing.

There’s one genre of car that can be all of these things: a hatchback. It can be a mum's taxi, it can be a sports car, it can be a status symbol, and it can be a student's first drive.

Buying a hatchback makes excellent sense, so here are five good reasons to buy a used hatchback for sale in Surrey, BC.

Reason #1: Flexibility

Many cars come with split back seats, but the owner can carry loads and passengers in a hatchback with its large interior volume. Passengers are comfortable in the back as the more extended flattened roofline gives good headroom. With a large rear door and easily accessible cargo space, this vehicle can easily carry heavier loads but will still have the perky driving attributes found in a small car. Unlike the SUV, a hatchback has a low sill, making loading much more accessible.

Reason #2: Big on the Inside but Small on the Outside

The hatchback has a smaller footprint than other vehicles, but they have great interior space. This means that driving a hatchback is easy, as is finding parking or squeezing into a garage, compared to most other types of cars.

The hatchback is ideally suited to an urban lifestyle with its shorter body length that’s a breeze to park. The driver can see the D-pillars in a hatchback, which makes parking easy.

Reason #3: Visibility

With their upright build, hatchbacks have lots of glass (windows). This means the driver has excellent visibility, thanks to the larger windows.

Reason #4: Good Looks

Hatchbacks have modern, sleek lines that always look good. From the most sedate entry-level car through the sporty models or elegant luxury brands, there’s enough variance to suit everyone's taste.

Reason #5: Affordability

Hatchbacks are some of the most affordable cars on the road. There are many options available when looking at the pre-owned market. There’s a much lower entry cost to buy a luxury vehicle while keeping the versatile utility-like features of a hatchback.

Most hatchbacks have excellent fuel economy but boast sporty drivability, meaning there's money in your pocket and a fun driving experience.

Are You Looking for a Used Hatchback for Sale in Surrey, BC?

Basant Motors in Surrey, BC, has an extensive range of hatchbacks for sale. Basant Motor's inventory constantly changes as vehicles come and go, but all the major vehicle brands are represented. Whether you’re looking for an economical daily driver, hot-hatch, or entry-level luxury vehicle, they’re available in our showroom.

Basant Motors has onsite financing to make purchasing your vehicle a simple process. Irrespective of your credit status, our friendly finance staff will be able to assist you in getting into the hatchback of your choice.

We invite you to come in today and let our experienced and friendly staff assist you in choosing the right hatchback from our wide range.