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Used Dodge for sale in Surrey, BC

Used Dodge for sale in Surrey, BC

Dodge is one of the most respected names in the history of North American cars, with their vehicles offering an exceptional combination of power, style, and features. And while new models continue to sell strongly, you can get an even better bargain by buying used. Here are five of the best used Dodge models now for sale at our Surrey, BC, dealership.


1) Dodge Durango


The Dodge Durango is one of the most powerful three-row SUVs on today's market. Even the base trims can reach impressive outputs of 250 horsepower, rising to 475 hp in the higher-end models. But while the Durango offers all the engineering exhilaration of classic Dodge cars, it does so in a format that's genuinely family friendly and designed for everyday driving. If you're looking for a family SUV that keeps hold of a rare amount of driving excitement, the Durango is a perfect choice.


2) Dodge Grand Caravan


The Dodge Grand Caravan offers a slightly more conventional approach to family driving, providing high engine power in an eight-seater passenger minivan format. This best-selling people carrier was sadly discontinued after the 2020 model year, so if you're looking for its unbeatable combination of power, comfort, and convenience, buying used is your only option today. Luckily, years of strong sales mean there are plenty of excellent models available on the pre-owned market, with some great bargains to be found across all price ranges.


3) Dodge Challenger


The Dodge Challenger is a confirmed icon among powerful 'pony' cars, boasting an instantly recognizable outline to go along with huge V6 or V8 power under the hood. This model has been in production for over five decades, so you can be sure of finding a used Challenger with the price and features you're looking for. And while this car might be all about power and excitement, the more recent model years also contain all the infotainment and technology features you could ask for in a modern, high-end car.


4) Dodge Charger


But if you're looking for a sleeker take on the muscle car format, the Dodge Charger is the model for you. Based on the same underlying engineering as the Challenger, it combines genuine high-end V8 performance with a modern exterior design and a wealth of interior comforts. Depending on the model year and configuration you choose, expect engine ratings of up to 700 horsepower packed into a streamlined, eye-catching design.


5) Dodge Journey


Lastly, the Dodge Journey is a three-row, family-friendly SUV that offers excellent practicality and value. Powerful V6 engines are available for drivers who want a little more grunt under the hood, but the focus with the Journey model is firmly on comfort, economy, and a huge set of features to make family trips pass in peace and stress-free comfort.


Explore the Premier Used Dodge Inventory for Sale in Surrey, BC


Whether you're looking for a comfortable family SUV or an iconic muscle car, there's a used Dodge for you in our Surrey, BC, inventory. Visit now for an unbeatable deal, with competitive finance terms available on all our used Dodge models.

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