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Used Dodge Durango For Sale In Surrey, BC

If you’re looking for a used Dodge Durango for sale in Surrey, BC, Basant Motors is the best choice. The reliable Durango remains among the most popular mid-size sports utility vehicles. Durango’s popularity is no surprise, taking the car’s amazing towing capacity and valuable features into account.

Basant Motors provides outstanding customer service and a wide range of pre-owned vehicles, including the Dodge Durango. In this article, we’ll discuss why the dealership is your best option when it comes to purchasing a used Durango.

Dodge Durango

Dodge has manufactured the Durango in three generations since 1998. The first two generations, launched in 1998 and 2004, shared common characteristics, while the third generation of Durango gave the SUV a brand-new look and significant upgrades in features.

The latest editions of Durango feature a modernized interior and a classy exterior. The four-door SUV can offer comfortable seating for up to seven passengers. The Durango has a V6-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car’s fuel economy rating is 12.7 L / 100km (city) and 9.6 L / 100km (highway).

The Dodge Durango is known for its capability and long-term performance. That’s one of the essential reasons why the car is popular in the pre-owned car segment. If you’re looking for one, we highly recommend choosing a trusted car dealership.

You can be certain you’ll find the best used Dodge Durango for sale in Surrey, BC, at Basant Motors. Let’s discuss how we can help you find the used car you’re looking for.

Basant Motors Advantages

The Basant Motors team will assist you in finding the most suitable car for you. The dealership, established in 1991, has the largest pre-owned vehicle inventory in the region. The wide variety of cars offers customers a greater chance of finding a great car.

However, you won’t need to search for decent cars for too long, as every vehicle in the dealership is certified and tested. Moreover, each of the pre-owned cars has undergone a detailed inspection to ensure safety.

A wide variety of pre-owned cars isn’t the only advantage of being a BM customer. Fantastic customer service is among the most important advantages as well. When contacting the dealership, you’ll be assisted by a team of professionals. The finance department will guarantee a car loan if you need one to finance your next car. Finally, when buying a used vehicle, the dealership grants a warranty of up to seven years and a one-year maintenance package.

Basant Motors often has discounts and unique offerings. The dealership built its reputation on its high-quality service, a wide variety of cars, and dedication to the Surrey community. Based on those reasons, BM is the best place to choose your next pre-owned car.

The Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey

Basant Motors has been providing high-quality service for more than three decades. Surrey’s premier pre-owned car dealership has a wide range of used cars as well as a team of experts to assist you with finding the best vehicle. Find a Dodge Durango and arrange a test drive at Basant Motors today!