Used Chevrolet Equinox for Sale in Surrey, BC

It might be time to look at getting a new car. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. However, you don’t always have the budget to buy a new car, especially if you’re considering a small luxury SUV crossover. At Basant Motors, we offer quality second-hand cars, like the used Chevrolet Equinox.

Why Buy Used Cars?

Often, it’s simply too expensive to buy a brand-new car, as the price of vehicles keeps rising. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a car like it’s new. Basant Motors provides quality second-hand vehicles that are within your budget but also drive like new.

All About Chevrolet Equinox

Depending on the year of the Chevrolet Equinox, you can enjoy a stylish SUV with a 1.5 L Turbo four-cylinder engine with six-speed automatic transmission. It delivers up to 170 hp and uses all-wheel drive. Seating five passengers, this vehicle is perfect for comfort and style that suits your family’s needs.

What We Ensure

We understand it can feel risky to purchase a second-hand car, but let’s put your mind at ease.

Certified and Quality Guaranteed Cars

We look after our customers and ensure a no-nonsense warranty on any vehicle you purchase with us. However, you won’t need it, as we do a thorough 161-point check to ensure every part of the car is certified and quality-guaranteed. Any auto parts that don’t meet our standards or are damaged are replaced with certified new parts.

Complete History

When buying your Equinox, it comes with an extensive history of service, maintenance and previous owners. We are completely transparent regarding our vehicles, so you never have to wonder what this SUV went through. You’ll be able to see the vehicle’s full history at a glance.

Maintenance and Servicing

We maintain any vehicle purchased from us to ensure you get the best service possible. We already know the vehicle’s complete history and ensure you always drive off in quality shape.

Depreciation Value

Since a used car’s value has already depreciated, the value of the vehicle you buy will last longer. Since it’s done most of its depreciation, the depreciation levels it’ll lose when you buy it is much less. It also means you can get a quality vehicle for a lot less.


We have several financial assistance plans. Our financial team will create a payment plan that follows your budget and makes it easier to purchase the ideal vehicle.

Basant Motors: We Find the Ideal Car for You

Basant Motors is dedicated to providing quality vehicles in tip-top shape. We ensure our customers are guaranteed a comfortable drive at affordable prices. You can browse various makes and models from Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and more. Contact Basant Motors in Surrey, BC, and find your ideal used Chevrolet Equinox.