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We have a vehicle that is just right for your needs. Combine that with a team who has made a career out of knowing everything there is to know about these cars, and you have a headache-free car buying experience near New Westminster- just a short drive away!

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Why Choose Basant Motors?

When you are looking for a used car dealership near New Westminster you deserve the very best, and that, dear readers, is Basant Motors. We aren’t just an ordinary used car lot with more lemons than Timmy’s Roadside Lemonade Shoppe. We are changing all of that and, customer by customer, changing what people expect from a used car dealership. How? Well, there are a lot of ways, but the most important is how we work with our customers. From the very start out goal is to wow you with our service, knowledge, and professionalism. We know that the functional foundation of the act of car buying is the relationship we craft with our customers.

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Largest Pre-Owned Dealer in BC

That’s not all though, our goal with every single customer is to have you come back and see us as an automotive resource. From a friendly and patient finance team to the highly competent and resourceful members of our service and parts teams, we are ready to help you with whatever automotive needs you have. When you are ready to find the best-used car dealership near New Westminster come and see us at 16315 Fraser Hwy, in Surrey, or give us a call at (604) 229-1379 to book an appointment. We can’t wait to get started!

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Quality Tested Vehicles at Your Used Car Dealership

No matter how you slice it a pre-owned car is a pre-owned car, and they are going to be a little older. While they run just as well as a brand new vehicle, and we sell them with every confidence, the reality is that they are going to need more maintenance and care to stay lively. Luckily, our service team is ready to step up and keep you rolling. With a focus on accuracy, transparency, and speed, our team will have your vehicle diagnosed for any troubles properly, fixed correctly, and back to you before you know it. Interested? Visit us near New Westminster today!

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When the hunt is on for a used car dealership near New Westminster it can be a scary proposition. Not every dealership is built equally, but the facts don’t lie. We are the largest dealership in BC, and we guarantee the lowest prices on used cars in town. Our team is ready to help you find your next vehicle with nary a headache in sight. So, come and see us today and let’s get started finding you the vehicle you deserve!