Used BMW X5 for Sale in Surrey, BC

Basant Motors has the best used BMW X5 for sale in Surrey, BC, with unmatched performance to discover new roads. Whether you’re going on your daily ride or a family trip, BMW X5 will be your companion.

Visit us and take a closer look at our fleet of BMW X5, and our representatives will help you find a suitable car with financing options if you’re looking to save some funds. Meanwhile, check this out as we review the used BMW X5 for sale in Surrey, BC, in full specs and features.

2017 BMW X5

Painted in clear-coat dark grey with tinted windows and chrome accents on the edges, the 2017 BMW X5 has a unique design. On the front, you can find the branded double grille above the LED fog lights and air sockets, which improve the car’s aerodynamics.

You can fit up to seven passengers in the cabin, seated on the finest leather with leatherette finishes, trims and illuminated cargo space.

There’s an LCD infotainment screen that shows the navigation map and sensors around the car, and you can see who is calling you after connecting your phone via Bluetooth.

A strong 3.0 L double turbocharged engine powers the car with a fuel consumption estimated at 13 L and 9.8 L per 100 km, in the city and on the highway, respectively.

2018 BMW X5

This is a black-coloured 4x4 vehicle with chrome tuning on the edges and front and rear bumpers, with LED headlights and foglights. There are roof rail racks on the top and a neatly designed lip spoiler on the back.

The interior cabin suits five passengers in a spacious cabin and vast legroom for extra comfort and leather seats to enjoy a premium feel under a double panoramic sunroof.

There are all means of technological convenience in this luxurious SUV, including four 12-V power ports, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity with the infotainment screen and power front seats that adjust eight ways.

The 6-cylinder diesel engine powering this car comes with 8-speed automatic transmission and fuel contribution estimated at 10.3 and 8 L/100 km, in the city and on the highway, respectively .

2019 BMW X5

Opt-in for the premium BMW X5 featuring deep tinted windows, automatic headlights and a metallic front grille with chrome accent and detailing. The corner lights make the car stand out and ensure that everyone notices your car.

The interior cabin features a wider infotainment screen with a Bluetooth connection enabling you to play music across 10 high-fidelity (HiFi) speakers. You use any of the four 12-V power outlets and turn on the heated seats to enjoy every ride in warmth.

You can welcome seven passengers in spacious legroom and exaggerated headrests mixed with leather seats to enjoy a premium feel under a panoramic sunroof. Moreover, several security systems safeguard you on the road, such as collision-mitigation alerts and driver-monitoring warnings.

The solid 3.0 L turbocharged DOHC engine charges this vehicle and generates a competitive 335 horsepower, with a fuel consumption estimated at 11.7 L and 9.1 L per 100 km, in the city and on the highway, respectively.