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Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is Important

Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is Important

For many people, next to purchasing a home, purchasing a vehicle is the largest purchase that they will make in their lifetime. If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, you want to make sure that you are getting a high-quality vehicle that is reliable and going to be around for years to come. One f the best ways to ensure that you are getting a high-quality vehicle is to get a pre-purchase inspection on your car. Keep reading to learn more about pre-purchase inspections and why they are so important.


What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?



A pre-purchase inspection is an in-depth inspection of a vehicle that you are thing=king about purchasing. Various components of the vehicle will be thoroughly inspected to make sure that everything is working properly. To ensure that you are getting a thorough inspection, it is recommended that you have a certified service technician perform the inspection on the vehicle.


What Happens During a Pre-Purchase Inspection?



Different service centres offer different levels of a pre-purchase inspection. Generally, the inspection will include the main parts of the vehicle, including the engine, tires, and other components. A service technician will also put the car on a hydraulic lift to clearly see under the vehicle. They will also check for any leaks or broken components while it is on the lift. Visual discrepancies will also be noted, including any dents or scratches, that have the potential to cause problems in the future.


When Should I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?



Many people feel that a pre-purchase inspection is only needed if you are purchasing a vehicle that does not come with a warranty. However, we recommend that every consumer gets a pre-purchase inspection when buying a used car. This will ensure that you are purchasing a vehicle without excessive issues.



What if There is Damage Found During the Pre-Purchase Inspection?



You have a few options depending on what damage was found during a PPI. If the damage is too excessive, you have the option of not buying the car. If the damage is minimal, you have the option of still purchasing the vehicle and getting the damage fixed before or after the purchase.


When a technician is inspecting the car, they will have the Carfax report at their disposal. This means that they will have a good idea of which part of the car needs to inspect. So, before the inspection is even performed, the dealership should have a good idea if the vehicle is damaged or not.



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