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Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC

Find a Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC - Basant Motors
Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC

Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC

  • Impressive features across seven generations
  • 130 horsepower from a 1.8-litre engine on modern models
  • Sophisticated technology with an attractive frame
  • Turbo Option available on select models

The Nissan Sentra is a car that’s been made famous for very deliberate and practical reasons. An incredible affordable vehicle that consistently outlives the competition, you’ll be proud to own and drive a car that has enjoyed a solid reception and continuous updates since it launched in 1982. Named for the idea of being safe despite its original size, the words central and sentry came together and resonated with the launch teams in North America. Transitioning from the Nissan Sunny, as it is called in Japan, our Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC instantly tackling three segments including the two- and four-door sedan, five-door wagon, and three-door hatchback coupe. You can understand why it was met with applause and accolades from the worldwide automotive community. Come test drive this amazing, modern car today at Basant Motors!

Nissan Sentra - Red Color

The Convenience and the features Perfect for Vancouver Drivers

The leaps forward in design has moved it from a subcompact category to the midsize class in its present iteration and allowed for key design and engineering decisions that have proven why it has remained a top contender for all these years. On the modern Sentra you can expect to find a comfortable driving experience from the 130 horsepower 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine and features that range from available continuously variable transmission and Bluetooth.

Nissan Sentra - Blue Color Exterior

Used Nissan Sentra in Surrey, BC: A Decision that comes with no Regrets

Where you might find yourself concerned and disappointed about other vehicle purchases, the Nissan Sentra is one of those cars that comes with no unpleasant surprises. When you realize that it has the efficiency to get you where you’re going that runs as low as 5.5-L/100 km on the highway on the modern generation, you can bet that you’ll be getting the most out of your experience and every gas tank on this efficiently designed machine. With the independent strut front suspension and standard halogen headlights with LED accents on the recent Sentra you get style to go with its capabilities.

Nissan Sentra - Silver

Features that Will Continue to Impress

There are plenty of manufacturers that would forget about the base-line models and provide only the bare-minimum to consumers unwilling to go for the more expensive trim options. The beautiful thing about owning a Nissan is knowing that you are getting the service and the quality that you rightly-deserve without having to pay more for those amenities that should come standard. Expand your trunk space and bring more along for the drive in a car that is already equipped with a spacious interior using the 60/40-split fold-down rear seats. Join us at Basant Motors and get behind a family of cars that will keep you on the road for years to come and test drive one today!

Get your Used Nissan Sentra at Basant Motors – The Premier Dealership in Surrey

When it comes time to find the premier dealership for all your used Nissan Sentra needs make Basant Motors the top of your list. We first opened our doors in 1991 and have seen our dealership expand to be recognized as one of the forefront in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Areas. We’re conveniently located at 16315 Fraser Highway, Surrey, British Columbia. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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