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How to get your car ready for summer

How to get your car ready for summer

Completing bi-annual seasonal checks on your vehicle is crucial for its longevity. The cruel cold winter weather and the severe summer heat can have inconspicuous detrimental effects on your car. With the searing hot summer months knocking on our doors, you must give your vehicle some much-needed summer car care after the long winter. 


Most can’t afford to buy a new car every few years, so it’s essential if you want to extend the lifespan of your trusty workhorse. Some basic and cost-effective car maintenance will save you a lot of financial grief in the future.


The car service, Basant Motors, can help you with all your summer car readiness and maintenance needs. Our team of vehicle specialists are experts in all makes and models. We can get your car ready for summer in no time at all. Continue reading as we share with you how our team of service engineers will get your vehicle ready for summer!


Summer Tires: Pressure and Balance



Our team will swap your winter tires for summer tires. It’s essential to install summer tires as they’re made from a harder type of rubber. Harder rubber tires won’t be worn down as fast on the hot summer asphalt roads in the summertime. Save your winter tires and a lot of money by keeping your winter tires stashed away. 


We’ll also take care to ensure that your summer tires have the correct pressure and that they’re balanced perfectly. Incorrect pressurized tires can lead to dangerous blowouts at high highway speeds. Balancing your tires and ensuring they’ve got the correct pressure will also improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency.


Engine Fluids: Wipers, Brakes, Power Steering, Coolant, Transmission, and Oil



Engine fluids tend to evaporate, so it’s essential that they’re checked regularly. Every important functionality of your car’s engine needs fluids to ensure that the engine runs at top performance. Our service engineers will check and top up the engine fluids if needed. They’ll also check your oil levels and complete an oil change if required. 


While checking your brake fluid, they’ll also give your brakes a quick look over and advise you if they need to be replaced. Our service engineers are able to detect all undiagnosed leaks and repair them.


Air System: Air Conditioner and Air Filter



Air filters become worn during winter as they may have had to block out constant pollutants during traffic jams. If required, our service engineers will replace your air filter to avoid irreparable damage to your air conditioning (AC) system. They’ll also check if your AC system needs a refrigerant charge. You’ll need a good working air conditioning system to keep you cool in the coming hot summer months.


What’s Next



Book a free summer car care consultation at Basant Motors, and our team of experts will get your car ready for summer. You’ll have the peace of mind that the hot summer months won’t accelerate the wear and tear of your precious vehicle!

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