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Used Dodge Grand Caravan in Surrey

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

A minivan built on a history of offering drivers and their families only the best-quality features in a roomy package. When it comes right down to it there isn’t a minivan that has the capabilities and the class that the Dodge Grand Caravan offers anywhere on the market, and it’s likely that reason that drivers have been returning to it generation after generation.

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

- The Best-Selling Minivan in Canada for 30 Years
- Spacious Interior with available Stow ‘N GoTM Options
- Class-Leading Concealed Storage Space
- Standard 3rd-Row Stow ‘N Go on Newer Models
- Built in Canada

It’s a rare thing to find that you can speak with a driver and hear about the adventures they had with their parents in the same-named vehicle that they have chosen to drive all these years later. If that isn’t a reason to come down and take test drive a used Dodge Grand Caravan, well, perhaps the features will begin to convince you otherwise.

So when you’re looking for a minivan that’s going to get you farther with the comfort and convenience focus your search on the original, Best-in-Class features and ergonomic Dodge Grand Caravan is in your sights.

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Caravan: Built for you and your Families

Bring your family along for the test drive and find out what they have to say about a vehicle that has 30-years of Best-Selling acclaim in North America – and don’t forget that this is a vehicle proudly constructed in the fair Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

So every time you get behind the wheel and set out for an adventure you know where your Dodge Grand Caravan has come from.

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

Used Dodge Caravan for Sale: Space options

Most people looking at the modern Dodge Grand Caravan are those who have growing families that need space for any number of reasons – some for vacations, others for sports practices, for driving friends, for pickups and for drop-offs.

When you drive a Dodge Grand Caravan there’s no need to worry about elbow-room-fights, or cramped passengers, this is a spacious minivan that will keep everyone comfortable for even those longer drives.

Used Dodge Grand Caravan

Find your Dodge Grand Caravan with Basant Motors

Trained and experienced with helping you and your family find the vehicle that’s right for you, at Basant Motors we take care to ensure that all your valuable time is well spent.

Visit us in person or use our online used vehicle inventory to look over all the current vehicles in our lot, including the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Basant Motors – The Dealership for all your used Dodge Grand Caravan needs in Surrey

If you are ready to take the next step and come down to our dealership and meet with our staff, take a used Dodge Grand Caravan for a test drive and learn more about the vehicle, we are ready to serve you. We first opened our doors in 1991 and have seen our dealership gain recognition in Surrey, the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area.

With our decades of experience working with drivers to help find their next favourite car, we’re sure we’ll be able to provide the helpful, friendly service you need. Come down and see us today, we’re conveniently located at 16315 Fraser Highway in Surrey, British Columbia. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Used Dodge Grand Caravan