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What is the Best Way to Buy a Used Car?

What is the Best Way to Buy a Used Car?

Buying a used car can be a fun and exciting experience. While this can be a fun experience, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Thanks to the ever-advancing world of technology, the way that we buy cars has changed dramatically. If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, keep reading to find the best way to do it.


Shop Online



You can shop for a used car without ever leaving the house. We offer a comprehensive online inventory that allows you to view the car of your choice with just the click of the mouse. Once you see a car you like, click on it to view a wide range of detailed pictures. You can also see a detailed description of the car that lists all of the car's special features.


If you can't see, to find the car that you are looking for, use our CarFnder tool. This easy-to-use to allows you to search for a car by make, model, and price range.


Car Delivery Done Right



Not only can you buy a car without leaving your home, but you can get the car without leaving your house as well. With our VIP Car Delivery service, we bring the car-buying experience to you. Once you have picked out the car, we deliver it to you. We even bring the paperwork for you to sign. The entire process is easy and convenient for you.


Leasing Made Easy



At Basant Motors, we understand that having a reliable form of transportation is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. That is why we offer easy financing solutions to help fit everyone's needs and budget. No matter if you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, the experienced professionals that work in our leasing department will help get you the right loan at the right rate.


Re-Build Your Credit



At Basant Motors, we understand that things can happen in life that are out of our control and can negatively affect our credit score. Having a bad credit score should not stop you from owning a vehicle. And by financing the car, and making regular monthly payments, you can begin to rebuild your credit score.


Our financing team works with several different lenders to help find you the best financing rates. Because we work with multiple lenders, you don't have to shop around to find the best loan.


A Vehicle You Can Trust


We understand that some people are slightly apprehensive about buying a used car. However, when you purchase a used vehicle from Basant Motors, there will be no secret about your car's history. Every vehicle on our lot comes with a Carfax Canada Report.


Carfax Canada is a Canadian-based company that offers up-to-date information about almost any used car. If your car has been in a wreck or was used as a rental car, the Carfax report will let you know.

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