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Voted Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey by CTV News

Voted Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey by CTV News

Voted Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey by CTV News

CTV's Used Car Dealership Reviews in Greater Vancouver

At Basant Motors we are proud to state that our team is here to offer you the premier dealership experience every time you walk in the door – whether it’s your first time here or you have worked with us before – we’re constantly doing our best to step up our customer service so you leave our care knowing you and your vehicle were treated as well as you know you deserve to be.

Recently, in fact, we were put to the test by an undercover team of mystery shoppers sent out by the Automobile Protection Association (APA) to do full reviews on used car dealerships across the Greater Vancouver Area.

Included on the shopper’s survey was the need to identify if vehicles were written off by insurance company repairs and certified as road-worthy when further inquiry showed that they weren’t as well as if our team would ask for an additional fee for documentation.

Best Used Car Pricing Model in Greater Vancouver

The APA has rather strict standards that they believe dealerships should adhere to – and on this list, they state that filling out paperwork is simply a process of purchasing a vehicle. Therefore, it should not be an additional fee on top of the asking price.

By offering the mystery shoppers an allowance of $300, APA’s decisions reflected the amount of money a dealership asked for – with anything above the $300 allowance awarded as an automatic fail.

Awarded Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey

At Basant Motors we like to tell people that we are the best used car dealership in the area – and while that claim may sound a bit generic, we’d like you to know how we faired, as the "best visit of this APA investigation." Just take a look at the report below:

Best Used Car Dealership in Surrey
Happy customers

When you choose to work with Basant Motors – you get the quality service that makes it easy to come back car after car. Join us today at our convenient location and let us know if you have any questions!

The full report by APA is available on their website:

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